A Different Perspective to Personality Disoders

A Different Perspective and Approach to Working with Individuals with Personality Disorders

2.0 CEU's

Presented by Tom Eckart, M.Ed., LPCC-S

Course CEDL.0116.2.0

This presentation will discuss some of the characteristics of clients who fall into the Personality Disorder realm, and how they may present in community and nursing home settings.

We will look at the role that stress plays in the development of maladaptive personality styles and behaviors, discuss the repetitive cycles that keep the behaviors alive, and identify some of the major sources of stress for many clients who show maladaptive reactivity.

A model will be presented that will describe how to discuss with clients in a concrete way the nature of Personality Disorders. Then we will look at ways to begin to help clients become more aware of their problem behaviors, to begin the process of unlearning the old behaviors and learning new more positive behaviors, that can help them define themselves in more positive ways.

Learning Objectives:


  • Participants will become aware of some of the characteristics of clients with Boderline and other Personality Disorder tendencies and how it presents in the community and nursing home settings, so proper boundaries and direction of treatment can begin early in the counseling process.


  • Participants will learn ways to change the language within the treatment process to facilitate discussion with clients about their maladaptive personality style, and to help their clients become more aware of the issues causing their stress, and problem behaviors.


  • Participants will learn how to begin the process of helping their client start to work towards living more effectively and finding a life with which they can be satisfied.

2.0 hours of continuing education credit will be available to those who complete the entire course presentation, take and pass the post-test (70% of questions, at a minimum, must be answered correctly), and complete a course evaluation.