TCS Training Videos – Administrative Topics

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The TCS Website

Posted 6/22/2018

Accessing EAP (Employee Assistance Program Services)

Posted 6/22/2018

Accessing 'TELEDOC' and Other First Benefit Card Services

Posted 6/22/2018

System Back Up of Your TCS Laptop to the Server

Posted 7/25/2018

Doc Tracker Backup Verification

Posted 8/11/2018

Travel Compensation and Mileage Reimbursement

Posted 7/25/2018

Maintaining the Normal Daily Schedule in Doc Tracker

Posted 8/19/2018

Pending Referral Contact Log

Posted 9/8/2018

Facility Contact Information

Posted 8/19/2018

Personal Emergency Contact Information

Posted 8/11/2018

Completing the Release of Information (ROI) Form and Recording in Doc Tracker Entry

Re-Posted 3/26/2022

Client Transfers

Posted 1/27/2019

Client Referral Procedure

Posted 3/10/2019

Consent Forms - Complete and Submit

Posted 1/27/2020

CEU Logs in Doc Tracker

Posted 4/8/2019

Managing Incoming Voicemail Messages on the TCS Office Phone System

Posted 5/10/2021