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Student Attestation

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I attest I have watched, IN ITS ENTIRETY, the CE video Work Smarter, Not Harder! Helpful Tools for Completing Documentation (1.0 CEU), presented by Tracy Rowe, LISW-S, Registered Play Therapist(Required)

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CE Course Post-Test

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4. True or False: You don’t need to worry about planning ahead in order to complete documentation in a timely manner.(Required)
6. True or False: In treatment notes, the balance between specific and vague is a skill. However, when documenting reported abuse or risk, you should be as specific as possible.(Required)
8. True or False: Clinicians should always follow the recommended TCS method of a process notebook and should NOT find their own way of completing documentation that works for them.(Required)

CE Course Evaluation

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1. Was this course delivery method conducive to learning?(Required)
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3. Did you gain new knowledge through this course?(Required)
4. Did the speaker's/presenter's presentation style facilitate your learning?(Required)
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6. Will this information be useful in your interactions with your clients?(Required)