Course CEDL.0111.2.0


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I attest I have watched, IN ITS ENTIRETY, the CE video Playfulness Neurobiology and Theoretical Orientations (2.0 CEU's), presented by Sophia Ansari, LPCC, Stephanie Rhein, LPCC-S & David Turner, Ph.D.(Required)

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CE Course Post-Test

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3. Is an increase in one's overall sense of wellbeing the same as happiness?(Required)
5. True or False: Mindfulness is a tenant of Positive Psychology.(Required)
8. True or False: Over 70% of individuals who are "locked in" report a positive send of wellbeing.(Required)
9. True or False: Pleasure is experienced in the pre-frontal cortex.(Required)
11. True or False: Dopamine teaches us if a reward is salient (important).(Required)

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