Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for OCD

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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

2.0 CEU's

Presented by Charles Brady, PhD., ABPP

Course CEDL.0117.2.0

The presentation will cover the fundamentals of diagnosing and treating individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder.  The session will cover issues regarding making an appropriate diagnosis, reviewing common comorbidities, and understanding of the biological and psychological models of OCD.  Attendees will develop skills presenting effective psychoeducational information, creating practical fear hierarchies, and implementing ritual weakening and exposure techniques.  Didactic and experiential methods will enhance the learning experience and help bolster the skills and confidence of clinicians looking to enhance their ability to provide effective treatment for sufferers of OCD.

Learning Objectives:


  • Learn how to make an accurate diagnosis of OCD and be able to identify 3 common co-morbid diagnoses.


  • Learn how to educate and motivate patients to engage in exposure and response prevention.


  • Understand the concept and experience of habituation and learn how to collaborate with the patient to design Exposure and Response Prevention strategies.

2.0 hours of continuing education credit will be available to those who complete the entire course presentation, take and pass the post-test (70% of questions, at a minimum, must be answered correctly), and complete a course evaluation.