Strategic Plan Summary

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Primary Organizational Goals for 2022

  • TCS will further the development systems that will allow it to successfully transition through the billing and collections associated with BHR Phase II – "Re-Procurement"


  • TCS will continue to positively influence state government and administrators to constructively organize and manage the state’s Community Mental Health System through continuing lobbying and advocacy efforts in Columbus.


  • TCS will review its current compensation and benefit package in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic and make changes to both to ensure its continuing competitive edge in the hiring and retention of the most qualified professional workforce available.


  • Rebuild loss capacity for client service (replace recent staff losses) making efforts to identify, assess, and hire qualified staff for clinical service to our clients.


  • Further establish the range and extent of clients served by TCS utilizing telehealth and associated technologies.


  • Explore expanding access to Ohio residents who are Medicaid eligible by establishing a state wide network of private practitioners under the TCS umbrella.