TCS CEU Post Tests



Directions to receive CE credit for Distance Learning:

  1. Watch the relevant recording of the CE course

  2. Copy and past the post-test into an e-mail, then complete it and send it to Stephanie Rhein (

  3. OR, print it out and write the answers on the hard copy. Fax/scan the completed test, WITH YOUR NAME PRINTED ON IT, to Stephanie Rhein at the TCS Office

2016 Positive Psychology Post Test

2017 Interventions In Long Term Care Post Test

2017 More Playful and Creative Interventions for Elementary and Middle School aged Children Post Test

2017 Practicing with Presence and Purpose Post Test

2017 Primer on Poverty Post Test

2018 CBT for OCD Post Test

2018 Grief and Grieving Post Test

2018 Intro to Islam Part I Post Test

2018 Intro to Islam Part II Post Test

2018 LGBTQ Post Test

2019 A Different Perspective Post Test

2019 Grief and Grieving Post Test